Friday, August 10, 2012


This card was made with my friend Brenda in mind. I have not seen her for ages, but we stay in contact on a regular basis. I have promised myself that we will go and visit as soon as it gets warmer and I can get around with a reliable vehicle again.

This card was made using Passionate Coutre Texture card stock as backing. On top is metallic card stock that I punched with a corner punch ages ago from a friends stash.
The white card stock is from Cutmates and cut to a oval using a Simply 2 die 4 die 

Now the challenging part:
I have not done much colouring of any sorts, so decided I need to start brushing up sometime. The corset picture printed on a label printer and coloured with a permanent marker. Well, that alone was a challenge on its on :-) as it makes streaks if you don't colour it right as the label paper is a glossy paper and takes long to dry. Ok, so after ditching the 1st picture, tried again and learned a lesson yippy :-)

All stocks used above is availble at

Thanks for popping in, we, me Charlie and Marika would love some comments !!!

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  1. Hi Charlie

    A Beautiful card, the colouring is gorjuss. Wish I had a "middle" like that!

    Hugs to you my friend and have a great Sunday.