Thursday, March 14, 2013


This is now offical closed, and I would like to say thanks to the ladies that popped in and left a comment. Suprise pack on their way soon !!!

A special thanks is going from my heart to all my regular peeps which are my overseas friends. Thank you very much for visiting my blog on a regular basis, as I can see crafts is most definite more alive overseas as here in South Africa. Please keep popping in as I have decided to reward one of my friends with a gift. I know stash is always welcome in card making and for scrap pages alike.

I'm not going to say anything more as the parcel contains will be a surprise *wicked smile* 

How to get into the draw ????

From now till 3rd of March please leave me a comment every time you pop in, as to why you like to visit my blog.  Any suggestions or tips are also welcome *smiling*
You may ever refer a friend or two, and let them leave a comment with who referred them.
Please do sign in as a follower.

Wonder if I should give a glue to the stash ??? What do you think mmm....