Friday, January 7, 2011


Good morning ladies! I just wanted to share with a few of you, for those that are stuck on what blog candy is. I mean, can you eat it? No Can you unwrap it? Well, I guess you can if YOU win it! Can you buy it at the store? Once again- possibly but really, who wants to buy it if YOU can win it!

A lot of wonderfully creative ladies are out there and they offer wonderful little packages of goodies to you- a thank you for visiting their blog. Now, I typically sign up for blog candy if it is a site that I frequent or that I really find creative motivation from that person. It is also a great way to get new viewers to your blog- lets be honest here. But I think that the real thing is that we all like to "give" to others............... and sheesh, who doesn't like to get a little prize here and there, right? (hand waving in air!).
Well, I will be hosting our own blog candy right here, in the next couple of days to celebrate our blog's name change !!
So do pop in and come peep what we will be having mmmmm