Thursday, March 14, 2013


This is now offical closed, and I would like to say thanks to the ladies that popped in and left a comment. Suprise pack on their way soon !!!

A special thanks is going from my heart to all my regular peeps which are my overseas friends. Thank you very much for visiting my blog on a regular basis, as I can see crafts is most definite more alive overseas as here in South Africa. Please keep popping in as I have decided to reward one of my friends with a gift. I know stash is always welcome in card making and for scrap pages alike.

I'm not going to say anything more as the parcel contains will be a surprise *wicked smile* 

How to get into the draw ????

From now till 3rd of March please leave me a comment every time you pop in, as to why you like to visit my blog.  Any suggestions or tips are also welcome *smiling*
You may ever refer a friend or two, and let them leave a comment with who referred them.
Please do sign in as a follower.

Wonder if I should give a glue to the stash ??? What do you think mmm....

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Angella, visited my blog sometime ago, thanks :-))

Today I was prompt by the Lord to go and visit her blog here Angella Dee Designs

As I was scrolling down, me eye caught some words on a  double journal page she made.

As I have been going through some trails lately and today being my birthday, these words just leapt from the page and spoke to me. Thanks Angella, you made my day, and thank the Lord for all blessing in my life, and bringing people on my path who enrich it.

Please do go and visit her site: Angella Dee Designs