Friday, July 5, 2013


Hello all,

Today is the day I can really feel we have winter here in Pretoria. Sun is playing hide an seek above the clouds and the wind is chilly outside.

The Silhouettes Cameo sure is a learning curve to the Cricut Machine ... lol
Or is it that I am just aging and the brain is not taking things in quick enough to my liking :-)
So taking it one step at a time from a very sticky mat, frustrations and wow even cutting the top of the mat. Oh well at least did get 2 items cut, which I'm proud to show he he

The first card is a gatefold heart card, my first and had to add some gems and ribbon. On the card for inside, peel-off border was added to stand out.

My second card was also a nice cut out square card. I used blue card stock to practice, but then coloured it in with some markers and added once again some gems (sorry just love bling !)