Friday, January 27, 2012


Wow, I was having so much fun with the Shrink Plastic that I had to make some more “Shrinkies” for my cards, and voila !!


The Shrink Plastic shrinks to a quarter of your project that you making after heating, and some of the items I made came out soooo small lol like a little sample of the item and they were all fun to make and see how they twist and twirl in the oven.



Well, this year has started off with a rush ! Time management use to be in the back of my mind, but goosh this year I will have to use my dairy for what it is made. Otherwise I’m not going to get craft me time in mmm  So I have started and in the next couple of days you will be seeing some of my creations !


The calendar was made for my son, as they have 8 cats and are all so cute ! The cats was printed on shrink plastic, and then shrunk in the oven.  (Shrink plastic is available on from The fishes and froggies was punched with a Creative Memories punch, and the corner punch a Lever punch.