Friday, March 4, 2011


Wow this was a very nice and enjoyable day at the craft show, as there where not a stampede yet.
It was also my birthday and Rainbow Art supplied me with this beautiful art work, for me to include some photo's and then frame it.Thanks to Prerre Bezuidenhout you made my day!!

I saw the most must have tools, like the new cuttlebug, e-craft machine, spellbinders, flower punches....   now why is it that one never has enough cash to spend  lol ( yip a typical crafters dream... money and time to use all the new stash. Oh and there was some amazing handmade articles, from a craft school in Roodepoort.
Goosh, I will ramble on all day about all the nice things, but I know it will be better if I rather place some pictures of some of the articles in due course!!!!


  1. Hi Charlie,

    If you went on Friday to Hobby-X then I'm almost sure I bumped into you but didn't recognise you! Happy birthday and hope you had a wonderful day. I was there on Friday with my sister (who came all the way from Louis Trichardt) and my sister-in-law, and we all did the Powertex course. What fun, and yes I spent far too much money at the show!

    It was good to finally see Jenlee and Mel face-to-face!

  2. Hi Charlie

    I am so happy that you enjoyed the day. Please hurry with the pictures of all the nice new stuff.

    Keep well.